What is a marketing KPI?

Strategy, marketing and KPI go hand-in?

Whenever We talk about the design and implementation of marketing strategies, either traditional marketing or on-line marketing and social media, are associated in the marking and planning of the annual objectives, concepts of measurement, monitoring, Monitoring…. definitively metric and analytical or analytical and metrics essential to control the “State of health” of our business model.

It Is precisely at this stage that the term KPI acquires its full potential and usability…

What is a KPI?
The word KPI comes from “Key Performance Indicators”. This translates, neither more nor less, as the ‘ key performance indicators ‘. That Is to say, those variables, factors, units of measure, that we consider “strategic” in our company. And thus directly influence the core business.

The KPI´S are metric (measurable and quantifiable) that determine numerically a variable (for example: income, expenses, number of visits…) directly related to the objectives marked within our strategy or annual marketing plan.

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