RGPD and Digital Marketing

The situation may be more disturbing for those companies engaged in fields such as digital marketing. And that one of its main sources of income is to work with the data monitoring.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: can we continue to do business?

The answer is yes.

But provided that the entity is able to adapt to change, following a strategy and Personal Data management system that is supported by the principle of accountability.

The Principle of accountability
This principle implies that an obligation is born of the person in charge of the treatment to apply the appropriate technical/organisational measures in order to guarantee and to be able to demonstrate, at any time, that the treatment that it performs is in conformity with the norm.

This means that all companies should make an analysis of:

1. What data they treat.

2. For what purposes they do.

3. And What kind of treatment operations do they carry out.

On the basis of these points, they must explicitly determine the way in which the measures that the regulation provides are applied. Ensuring that these are appropriate for the fulfillment of the legal mandate and to be able to demonstrate, at any time, both to the stakeholders, and to the control and supervision authorities

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