No marketing strategies online do not do good marketing

Online marketing strategies are the weak point of brands and companies in the digital world. And as you know that training is something that I love, I always have in mind and what I always get involved organizing. In one way or another, either with the Master in Digital Marketing Management or with the Digital Marketing Day Malaga or Galicia… And so once again I do not resist to touch the pillars, bases and foundations, not only digital marketing but the marketing of life.

It Is verified and ratified that without digital marketing strategies can not do good marketing

In our day to day with clients and brands, when we analyze in depth their work methodology, their plan of action and ultimately their decisions, we always find the same scenario. Brands and companies working digital marketing operation “Survival” without predefined online strategy, not knowing where they want to go, without measuring, without goals and without KPI´S.

Brands that:

They Have Open profiles on different social networks and publish periodically.
They Spend budget games usually on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.
They Plan some e-mail marketing campaigns.
And If you have some time and resources the blog is usually another of the favorite options.
But Do you really think that’s enough?


So What do you think is failing?: Online strategy, online marketing strategies or marketing strategy.

What does it mean to design online marketing strategies?
We will Not go into giving academic or book definitions, because typing in Google any keywords related to strategy you’ll find a multitude of results.

Nor are we going to go into the debate on whether marketing strategy or digital marketing strategy, because for us it is the same. We must Not forget that the integration of traditional marketing and online marketing must be total and therefore our strategy has to be 360 degrees.

What you need to know is very simple:

How Much do you want to sell in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months?
Who are really your customers?, not only the socio-demographic profile, but buying habits, tastes, preferences, means that consumes…
How can you attract my ideal customer to know my brand/product/service?
What human, technical and economic resources do I have really available?
As It is and how I want it to be my brand.
Simple, isn’t it?

Well let’s move all the issues to or paper, Definámosla in detail and this will be the starting point to make things right.

If we translate it into the digital environment we will have:

My brand in the digital environment is well positioned and how I want it to be.
How Much do you want to convert with your website within 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months?. To do this, am I measuring and monitoring my web, my social networks, the digital environment…?
Is your website optimized and SEO-oriented and focused on conversion and usability?
Who are really the visitors of your web/blog?, and those who finally convert as they are?. In what social networks do they act?, what digital content they consume (post, podcast, Video Marketing, infographic…), to which tribe belong, as and where they consume…
How can you attract “my buyer person” to know my brand/product/service?. Do I Have defined my ideal customers?, but I will not be able to design attraction marketing actions.
What human, technical and economic resources do I have really available? I Have a team specializing in web analytics, SEO, SEM, Social Media… I have a budget item.

Dear Reader digital marketing requires investment, welcome to the most crude reality.

So you have to start to include in our online marketing strategies the investment for paid media.

How to make online marketing strategies
What we have to do when designing our online marketing strategy is very simple. With all the questions already resolved (we know which direction we should go), we will draw what we do in the digital world, ie, we will perform a digital marketing audit.

Now take paper and pencil or open a text sheet:-P because we’re going to talk about:

– Owner’s media or own media.

– Paid media or paid means.

– Earned media or won means.

– Sales Funnel or purchase funnel.

Own Media or “owned media”
1. Web: It has to be the center of your digital strategy, “your Home”, where you will receive all your guests therefore not only have to have a nice and friendly design but you must:

– Optimise the entire SEO part at 110%.

– Professionally Implement The Web analytics as complete as possible: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Console and Yandex. We Have to measure everything that happens on our website.

– Generate “fresh content”. Our website cannot be a static place where information is stagnant. You Have to create periodic content, so decide what kind of format and every time and get to work. It Already decides whether it will be a blog, a news section or a multimedia zone.

– All the traffic to your website: all the online actions you launch, social networks, Adwords, Social Ads, Display… Everything you launch that carries a link or link should point to your website. If you already do we can consider the design of landing specific for specific campaigns or redirect traffic not only to the home but to specific products or pages…

2. Social Networks: They are the channels of communication of your brand, where generate debate, create dialogue and conversation. So you have to have a conversion approach and generate social traffic to the Web.

– Carries Out promotional actions, Concurements, sweepstakes… Where the link leads your social community to your website.

– Measure everything that happens, not only with each res’s own tools like Facebook insights or Twitter Analytics, but each link Mídelo with Google Analytics and Bitly.

Paid Media
3. Social Ads: If we have clear objectives, if the conversion of our website well worked will generate a positive ROI (return of investment), we have to do advertising campaigns on social networks.

Let’s Not forget the “Purchase funnel” scheme of our friend Tristan Elósegui, we cannot make an online strategy if we take into account the “paid media”.

4. SEM: If we want to reach new audiences and if we want to generate more qualified traffic to convert more there is no choice but to consider investing in SEM campaigns.

Won Media or “earned media”
Finally we can not forget when designing our online marketing strategy analyze the media won. That Is to say those that we have won with our SEO actions, with the “guest blogging”, are the actions of Socia Media.

It is neither more nor less than those websites or sites that point to your website. That should be site related to our brand, which has a good DA (domain authority) and PR (page rank).

Design your funnel or purchase funnel
With everything you’ve seen on paper or your spreadsheet, the time has come to make 2 fundamental steps: Create your sales funnel or conversion and raise your online strategy in an orderly fashion.

Sales Funnel, purchase funnel or conversion funnel: this is something very simple to build. There Are Two obvious phases, all the visits or sessions that come to the home (would be the first step of the funnel) and when you make a conversion (a sale, a transaction, a Formuilario…) is the last phase of the funnel. Now It is only to establish intermediate measurements.
To make a simple funnel and start working with this methodology you recommend To establish 2 more phases:

– When they reach the product.

– The Shopping cart.

In this way we would have a 4-phase funnel:


– Product/Service or request for information or download page of the ebook.

– Shopping Cart or sending a request or downloading an Ebook for example.

– Purchase made or page of thanks once you have sent the form or downloaded the ebook.

Simple truth?

We Just have to measure how many sessions are coming to each of the URLS that we have defined.

If to this funnel we add now all the part of strategy spoken before, ie, that we have done and we will make with respect to own means, paid and won we would have the following chart

Diseña tus estrategias de marketing online
Este paso es el mas fácil de todo. Con el esquema anterior solo tienes que decidir que vas a hacer en cada fase del embudo que hemos fijado en cada una de las áreas: medios ganados, pagados y propios.

¿Por qué lo hacemos así?

Porque no es lo mismo enfocarnos a atraer tráfico al primer escalón del embudo, es decir a la home, que al segundo escalón, a un producto concreto.

Por ejemplo el blog, puede escribir un post hablando sobre un producto y derivar tráfico al según nivel del purchase funnel y escribir un artículo mas general y derivar tráfico a la Home.

Ahora solo tienes que definir estrategias de marketing online

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